At Mercury our vision is to create fine Nashik Valley wines that would stand in the company of the great wines of the world. Mr. Veral Pancholia founder says "The key to success is to not dream about it, but to set goals and achieve them” We at mercury try to achieve Quality that stands tall in an international market and makes our brand ARYAA a truly PREMIUM WINES OF INDIA. With a firm conviction that the personality of great wines is a result of soil, climate, vineyard management, and winemaking philosophy, the winery continues to pursue the vision of excellence with the same passion and innovative spirit, moving forward with technology and programs that break barriers and open new frontiers . Our vision does not only confines to innovations in winegrowing and winemaking but also creating a world class training institute for Wine Making & Wine Education at Mercury Winery.


Production dictated by the nature of the vintage, hand-harvesting only when the grapes are fully ripe, the grapes of the individual estate vineyards fermented separately in the respect of a unique and precious terroir. These are just a few of the choices at Mercury, following a philosophy that aims for quality from the beginning. Thanks to the people both women and men who throw their hearts, heads and souls into their work year round in vineyards .The results can be seen, but are even more evident in the glass...