Founder Member: Mr. Veral Pancholia

A little more than 7yrs a revelation in future of Indian viticulture had to take a new enological path, in search of absolute quality. To achieve this goal, the proper place, proper time, and best people were necessary. This led to the idea of the Mercury Winery Pvt Ltd. a place of infinite potential, cultivated with wisdom and experience by its artists," who seek, with every vintage, a new masterpiece”. Veral Pancholia, Founder Director is hand on man on every stage of the winery from the Vineyards to the Glass of Wine! His passion for wine is seen at every stage in the winery. “The winegrowing, winemaking and marketing teams are really one team.We have the same vision - to produce wines of great density and rich fruit character, wines of elegance and fines that complement food. In this way, we combine the structure of the finest wines with powerful fruits flavour style. And wines that best drunk Young!