About Us

Welcome to Mercury Winery Pvt Ltd – Passion for Quality Wines!

Mercury Winery in the heart of Nashik Valley, is expression of the traditional values with Modern & State of Art Infrastructure. Founded in 2006, in a beautiful, unspoiled part of Ozar in Nasik Valley, situated 190 km northeast of Mumbai is the largest grape-growing region in India. Mercury winery is today recognized for its Premium wines & state of art production facility, will be soon introducing wine educational facility in Indian wine industry. Passion for Quality Wines by Pancholia family has got Brand ARYAA having its loyal clients across India and Internationally. Since then passion and dedication, coupled with a unique Terroir and an extraordinary microclimate have brought Mercury Winery’s ARYAA label great success and recognition as one of the most premium wineries in the region which has won International Awards in UK from DECANTER for its first vintage the Quality Stamp from day one of our vintage. Exquisite views of endless vineyard-covered hills are the perfect setting to savor our wines. At Mercury, we make our wines with care, paying careful attention to the delicate nature of grapes grown on our estate. Grapes are always hand picked and gently pressed, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship possible and producing nothing but the BEST wines of India!